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Hi, I'm Wade Beall

I am a general contractor serving the Mount Washington Valley area. I've been building homes for the past 32 years. I love building custom homes and working with my clients from start to finish, building the homes of their dreams. For many contractors a build is just another job, but I see it as a huge milestone in my customers lives that I get the pleasure to help facilitate. I love the design process and getting to know what the client's end picture looks like. Every home is different. With different tastes and needs. By the end of construction I don't usually have clients, I have friends.


Wade did an outstanding job building our home. His workmanship is second to none. He handled our project with patience, honesty, and an ability to navigate many moving parts with ease. He offered sage advice when needed and never hesitated to seek alternatives when we faced building challenges. He has a keen eye for detail! Wade was a absolute gem to work with!